The road to data optimization starts with a utility bill audit

Our data optimization services have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for our clients, and it all starts with the first step – BillAudit™.

It is important to note that our success rate is just as meaningful when other firms have previously audited the account. We regularly find significant missed opportunities with our Trailing Audits – commonly recovering additional sums that can add up to as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars left behind.

Substantial success in savings.

The proof is in the data. Our audits result in greater overall refunds and savings than those of other firms – the result of our unmatched proprietary software and unrelenting customer advocacy. We have a proven track record of putting more net dollars back into our clients’ pockets while continuing to recoup lost dollars and identify efficiency opportunities year after year.

No matter how your buildings are used or what your industry is – UtiliSave has the expertise to save you money.

Review savings we have earned for our clients.

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