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Data Optimization is mission critical

Data analysis is seldom more than an afterthought to most organizations – a luxury for which the daily demands of business allow little time. It is also a common misconception that once an energy efficiency project has been implemented, that the data optimization work stops there.

Actually, billing data errors, sub-optimal rate selection, meter billing miscalculations and operational inefficiencies take a heavy toll on an organization’s bottom line. In fact, just a single data point error can cause significant shifts in benchmarking data – materially affecting Leed Certification and EnergyStar reporting.

There is an enormous need to locate data billing errors, validate the return on investment, and see if further operational enhancements can be made. Data analysis and optimization is mission critical.

UtiliSave has recouped sums of tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even millions for clients through data optimization. Engaging UtiliSave as your industry expert will allow you to capture those elusive opportunities within your utility data, increasing revenue and decreasing energy costs.


We are The Utility Data Optimizers.

UtiliSave is a proven leader in utility data analytics, and well positioned in all facets of data optimization. As a true utility data management partner, we effectively manage our client’s data from initial collection and then undertake the necessary monthly updates coupled with on-going analysis. In essence, the audit never ends, and the continuous savings and refunds we deliver to clients is a clear testimony to the impact of the methods and practices we implement.


Large Energy Consumers

We will gather your data on your behalf, secure your continuous savings and refunds, and provide you with a suite of complimentary tools to track and analyze your utility data first-hand to help you use less and pay less.

ESCOs/Utility Providers

We will ensure the accuracy of your billings for both overcharges and undercharges, seek overcharges on your wholesale energy purchases, provide bill integrity and supply customer engagement tools – our UtiliFind™ Suite.

Efficiency Project Providers

We will act to validate the true efficiency results of your projects, provide continuous data for your potential deployments, market our BillAudit™ and UseAudit™ services to your customers, and verify a customer’s data for accuracy so your projects have optimal impact.

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