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UtiliSave is a Specialist in Utility Bill Auditing and Data Optimization

The need to drive down utility costs and improve facility efficiency is critical for business to stay competitive.

Since 1991, UtiliSave has been a leader in optimizing and auditing utility bill data in gas, electric, steam, water and sewer for large energy consumers. Through deep dive audits led by expert auditors and utility specialists, our proprietary software, and innovative methodology we help clients reduce consumption, increase returns, lower net operating expenses and improve their bottom line.

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UtiliSave Drives Results Year after Year

Billing errors often go undetected and cost businesses millions of dollars each year.

UtiliSave understands the complexities and challenges businesses face managing energy cost. Doing a comprehensive audit to ensure the accuracy of utility bills is labor intensive and often outside the scope of in-house departments or companies who provide auditing as an add-on to their core service. At UtiliSave, utility bill auditing is our sole business. With powerful analytics, best in class technical excellence and operational analysis capabilities and insights, we pride ourselves in producing continuous results year after year.

Our “Second Look” Challenge – already doing an audit in house or with an external company? Let us do a no-risk comprehensive audit. UtiliSave’s utility data

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