Utility Bill Re-Audit Finds Significant Savings for Brooklyn Based Hospital

UtiliSave, a New York City based forensic auditing company, is pleased to announce the recovery of over $250,000 for a Brooklyn based hospital, as a result of forensic utility bill analysis.

Hospitals often have large and complex infrastructure supporting their myriad activities. The business of running and supporting a hospital may not be the stuff of primetime television, but it’s critical to the life-saving work that goes on in every ward, and as with any technology driven industry, electricity and water are the lifeblood of most systems. 

Recently, UtiliSave saved a single hospital over $250,000 by performing a ‘trailing audit’ – an audit performed on the heels of another firm’s utility audit. As a leading utility auditing company, UtiliSave has become an expert in re-reviewing already-analyzed billing information and uncovering previously unidentified errors, irregularities, and opportunities for savings.

“I have to give a lot of credit to the Hospital staff,” said Charlie Cavallo, Senior Account Executive at UtiliSave, “even though they had already been through an audit by another firm, they were open-minded to finding the savings that we knew would still exist.” Within weeks of performing the trailing audit, UtiliSave identified and secured over $250,000 in savings on water utilities alone for the Hospital. Subsequently UtiliSave has been able to recapture tens-of thousands of dollars in additional savings on electric utilities.

“What differentiates UtiliSave” says Cavallo “is that we’re specialists in this arena, with a deep pool of knowledge, experience and technical expertise. Many of the entities performing utility audits are very small shops, or former utility employees with some specific knowledge, but limited. We, on the other hand, are a forensic auditing company. We’ve been in this business for over 20 years. We have an expert staff and our own proprietary processes and software to perform intricate data analysis which is unparalleled in our industry.”

When asked about the next steps for their engagement with the hospital, UtiliSave’s CEO and Founder Michael Steifman stated with unflinching conviction, that Utilisave “will continue to save them money in the future. Any company with the amount of utilization, and the complexity of a hospital or large industry can only benefit from engaging the services of someone like us. The ability to find savings year after year for our clients sets UtiliSave apart.”

UtiliSave, LLC is a forensic utility data and bill auditing firm headquartered in New York City.  Founded in 1991 by CEO, Michael Steifman, UtiliSave has been developing its’ own data analysis software since 1998, designed to take deep dives into historical utility data to identify refund opportunities and operational inefficiencies for their clients.  Equipped as a total utility management partner, UtiliSave offers its’ core services such as utility bill audits, trailing audits, benchmarking, and procurement to over 16,000 properties and is engaged with over 100 utility providers.  For more information, please visit the UtiliSave, LLC website at www.UtiliSave.com or call (718) 382-4500.