UtiliSave Audit Leads to $400,000 Savings for Commercial Property in New York

New York, April 29, 2016 –UtiliSave, LLC, a preeminent optimizer of utility data headquartered in NYC, recently identified and secured significant returns for one of its real estate clients — the managing agent for one of Manhattan’s largest Class A office buildings (over 1.6M SF) in Midtown New York . Through intricate analysis of the Commercial Client’s utility billing data and through physical inspection of the location, UtiliSave was able to uncover significant overcharges.  These findings produced a return of $400,000 back to the commercial client.

UtiliSave, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, is a total utility data management partner with unparalleled technology for forensic Utility and Energy Bill Auditing specializing in finding substantial savings in commercial utility bills.

UtiliSave was engaged by our Commercial Client to audit their utility bills for a building in New York City. UtiliSave underwent its analysis of the data and conducted physical inspections of the property including all water and fire meters. After identifying issues of concern, UtiliSave presented its findings and detailed analysis to the water department and requested that the Commercial Client be credited back for the errors.  At first this request was denied, however, UtiliSave effectively leveraged their knowledge of regulatory practices and strong negotiating skills to finally get a $400,000 claim settlement on behalf of our client.

“We could not be more pleased with the results of our efforts for this client,” stated UtiliSave CEO, Michael Steifman. “Our determination and steadfast dedication to secure refunds from utilities throughout the U.S. showcases our ability to deliver continues positive outcomes for our clients that sets us apart from other firms.  At UtiliSave, we recognize that significant cost reductions and enhanced operations is mission critical for our client’s success.”

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About UtiliSave:

UtiliSave, LLC specializes in extracting value for clients through utility data optimization.  Headquartered in New York City and servicing over 16,000 properties nationwide, UtiliSave was founded in 1991 and has been developing its own intricate data analysis software since 1998.  Equipped as a total utility management partner, UtiliSave benefits not only large energy consumers, but also Efficiency Project Providers and ESCOs / Utility Companies.  Core products include BillAudit™ and UseAudit™ which analyze historical utility data to identify refund opportunities and operational inefficiencies, and Utility Management Interface (UMI) – a user-friendly platform that provides superior energy management.  For more information on UtiliSave and their product offerings, please visit www.UtiliSave.com or call (718) 382-4500.

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