Michael Steifman is Bringing Down Energy Bills One Audit at a Time

APRIL 27, 2016 / in News / by Liam La Guerre, Commercial Observer…….. “The analogy that I like to use is that we are like tax attorneys for utility bills,” said Michael Steifman, the founder and chief operating officer of UtiliSave. Tax attorney might not sound like the most glamorous endeavor. And maybe it’s an […]

UtiliSave Finds Large Adjustment for Hospital Client (R)

(New York City, New York – January 2, 2015) ……….  UtiliSave, LLC – a premier forensic utility bill auditing company headquartered in New York City – has recently obtained a substantial credit for their client, a large hospital in Brooklyn, NY.  The service agreement between UtiliSave and the Hospital was established on August 25th, 2014 […]

Utility Bill Re-Audit Finds Significant Savings for Brooklyn Based Hospital

UtiliSave, a New York City based forensic auditing company, is pleased to announce the recovery of over $250,000 for a Brooklyn based hospital, as a result of forensic utility bill analysis. Hospitals often have large and complex infrastructure supporting their myriad activities. The business of running and supporting a hospital may not be the stuff […]

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