Build a successful Measurement & Verification plan

At the heart of any energy efficiency upgrade is a comprehensive M&V plan. To be fully effective, such a plan should be commissioned while all upgrades or additions are still in the planning stage. To properly build an M&V plan, extensive measurements are required for as many months in advance as possible (ideally a year) for a full weather cycle.

Validate your efficiency plan.

The key to a successful efficiency project is to ensure that the savings are sustained, and that is where an M&V plan is crucial. An unmonitored efficiency project without a fully developed M&V plan will degrade, and over time, much of the savings potential will not be realized. On day one, many projects look great on paper, but how will they perform in three years, five years, or ten years?

Engage UtiliSave to ensure savings are secured and sustained.

UtiliSave is a CMVP – a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional – approved by the Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO). The EVO is the worldwide body that accredits such standings, based on the internationally-recognized International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

All of UtiliSave’s M&V work adheres to the IPMVP protocol.

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