Engage UtiliSave’s intellectual capital and superior proprietary software to pinpoint operational inefficiencies in your buildings’ utilities. Are you running heating and cooling at the same time? Are the motors properly calibrated? Are the chillers consistently maintained? These are a few of the many issues that are commonly missed, yet readily determined through intricate analysis of your utility data.

UseAudit™ – the perfect complement to our BillAudit™ service – will flag operational issues, notify management of their existence, track the implementation of changes, and document their correction.

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Insights gained through data optimization.

  • Peak Management
  • Planning, shifting or shaving use to reduce consumption and supply charges.
  • Continuous cross-building benchmarking
  • Compare current energy performance to past performance in order to identify trends and opportunities for improvement.
  • Evaluation of new energy conservation measures (M & V)
  • Total energy savings associated with an efficiency improvement are quantified to a baseline mode.

Benefits to all entities

End user: Identify where inefficiencies lie so you can better conserve your energy consumption, and therefore improve your carbon footprint and save on energy costs.

ESCO / Utility Company: Locating operational inefficiencies on behalf of your clients can ensure proper rates, accuracy of data, and true customer engagement.

Efficiency Provider: Of particular importance, efficiency providers need to ensure their operational efficiency plans are proper and precise. Through data optimization, potential operational issues can be identified and projects can be monitored for continuous, positive results.

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