Efficiency Providers

UtiliSave is an efficiency equipment suppliers and efficiency project providers best advocate. Our ability to synthesize insights from data are unparalleled. We assist in project inception through benchmarking and in some cases subsidization through securing refunds from past billing anomolies. Most importantly, we provide you with the ability to demonstrate clear and inarguable value to your clients through ongoing monitoring, measurement and verification. Creating value and deepening client engagement is our mission critical contribution. We have many relationships with similar providers who offer BillAudit™ to existing and potential clients as an effective customer engagement tool.

Efficiency Equipment Providers

  • Offer BillAudit™ and UseAudit™ to your customers
  • Data Integrity
  • Customer Engagement
  • M&V (Measurement and Verification)
  • Bill auditing to subsidize capital costs

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Learn how businesses like yours benefit from a utility bill audit.

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Allow UtiliSave to provide all your data management needs. This relationship can start with introducing your clients to BillAudit™. As an agent for UtiliSave, you can earn your customers good will as well as earning commissions, as UtiliSave delivers meaningful refunds and savings to your current and prospective customers. In addition, UtiliSave can help you with all forms of data optimization such as M&V and locating inefficient use with our UseAudit™ software, to validating any potential or actual savings from retrofits or new technologies such as battery storage or PV.

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