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UtiliSave has focused on being the premier provider of utility data optimization services for over 25 years and our primary efforts are focused on locating billing errors, pin-pointing operational inefficiencies, and identifying opportunities for improvements and revenue enhancements. Our robust proprietary software and industry expertise fully equips us to work hand in hand with Efficiency Project Providers to ensure their implemented projects and initiatives are delivering the anticipated results, while providing a suite of tools to improve their customer engagement.

Our central emphasis is on providing all that is required to continuously monitor data, and optimize the information to take advantage of every opportunity for increased efficiency and enhanced revenue. Our tools and services are easily and effectively deployed on behalf of Efficiency Project Providers as we work together towards the common goal of continuous efficiency for our clients. We can also act as a third party validator of the results delivered by a project.

Utility Software for Efficiency Providers

UMI enables the review of utility data in a user-friendly web-based platform that you can provide to your clients.

Our Product Offerings Through Your Service Portal

UtiliFind™: Designed specifically to meet the needs of ESCOs and utility companies, UtiliFind™ utilizes our proprietary software to focus on delivering revenue enhancements and billing validation.

BillAudit™: Forensic utility bill audit seeking refunds and savings based on data errors, errors and opportunities in application rates, tariffs, taxes, rules and regulation, and BillAudit Wholesale™ – an auditing service for ESCOs and Utility Companies to optimize wholesale market purchases.

UseAudit™: Utility use monitoring service meant to reduce load and operational inefficiencies while monitoring the results of implemented efficiency measures.

Utility Management Interface (UMI): Platform enabling the review of utility data in a user-friendly, informational presentation while providing tools to help manage consumption such as budgets, alarms, interval data features, etc.

Benchmarking: Service supported by a strong pool of data that enables clients to compare their properties with those similar in size, usage, and geography to evaluate and rank operational performance, identify inefficiencies and indicate areas of focus for future improvement.

Measurement & Verification: Validate the benefit of products and services introduced to measure the results and whether anticipated outcomes are being achieved.

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