UtiliSave CEO Featured in Commercial Observer


Commercial Observer featured UtiliSave’s CEO, in its April 27, 2016 article entitled “Michael Steifman is Bringing Down Energy Bills One Audit at a Time.” This article discussed how UtiliSave’s business model of performing risk free energy audits has led to substantial refunds and energy savings to the companies that it serves.

Steifman founded his premier energy auditing and consulting firm, UtiliSave, in the early 1990s when energy auditing was a relatively new concept. UtiliSave now serves over 16,000 properties owned by about 600 landlords and includes a wide variety of commercial and residential organizations as well as governmental organizations, universities, hospitals, hotels and manufacturers.

In an energy conscientious society, it is mission critical for most companies to reduce their energy consumption and overhead costs. UtiliSave conducts audits of companies’ energy bills and saves their customers money by finding areas where they were overcharged.  In fact, UtiliSave has saved their customers between $350 to $400 million dollars by obtaining refunds for their clients from the energy companies.

UtiliSave offers a wide variety of consulting and technology services to their customers.  And to help their customers manage their energy cost they developed Utility Management Interface (UMI). The UMI Dashboard is a browser-based platform that gives their customers a simple way to review and track comprehensive utility data at their fingertips. Learn more about UMI by watching this demo.

Steifman is an innovator in the energy auditing arena and has contributed significantly towards energy savings for many companies. UtiliSave continues to grow and take on new clients and is constantly working on new ways to help yield savings for their customers.

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