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Utility Rate Hikes: No-Win Scenario for NY Ratepayers

As New Yorkers pay the highest average electric rates in the continental United States, it is important to understand what goes into a rate hike.  Once investor-owned utilities have a rate increase approved, not only do they charge the consumers that higher rate, but also take the cost for representing themselves to get the increase […]

How Patterns of Energy Consumption Have Changed in the U.S.

There is no doubt that the use of energy in America has changed drastically through our history which can be attributed to the new sources introduced.  The chart below from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), demonstrates how our energy sources have changed over time.  Beginning with wood as the sole primary energy source, we […]

What are Common Utility Bill Errors?

Utility bills aren’t pretty – and it can be quite an undertaking to identify billing discrepancies and issues without professional help.  In our experience, as a utility bill auditing firm, we see very frequently that individuals and companies do not see this process as mission critical to their business.  However, billing issues are more frequent […]

Energy Production Increase Proves Positive

Energy production in the United States has changed quite a bit over the last 20 years, and what is most compelling is that it has grown in almost every field – demonstrating a strong and growing energy economy. According to Energy.gov, U.S. energy production has increased by 16% between 1993 and 2012, which they illustrate […]

Creating a Sustainable City through the NYC Carbon Challenge

Climate change is no longer an issue that can be ignored.  Hurricanes Sandy and Irene, and along with other natural disasters that have plagued the world in recent years have illuminated the dangers of climate change and made addressing the risks associated with it a top priority. In 2007, Mayor Michael Bloomberg released a plan […]

Are Smart Meters the Smart Move?

Picture illustrates an analog meter (left) vs. a smart meter (right). Smart meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters that automatically capture and send energy data from homes and businesses back to the electric companies – rather than having meter readers go in to every building and manually read analog meters. As the […]

Local Law Calls for Efficiency and Transparency: How Do You Rate?

A building utility benchmark is the comparison of a building to others of similar characteristics, measuring   utility use in an effort to shed light on how they are performing relative to each other.  With a benchmarking tool, you can rank your building on energy and water use – if it receives a low score then […]

Why Smart Grids are the Smart Move

When the media or energy providers reference “the grid” they are referring to the infrastructure that delivers electricity from power plants to a home or business, made up of a network of transmission lines, transformers, substations, etc.  According to SmartGrid.gov, our electric grid consists of more than 9,200 generating power plants with more than 1 […]

Understanding Demand Charges

Understanding your energy charges is no walk in the park as there are many different components and variables, not to mention contract terms and tariffs that make up your bill. It is important to know that charges are based on your total consumption per month and your demand, which is based on the highest capacity […]