Demand Response – What, Why and How?

What is Demand Response?

Utility companies have the responsibility to supply energy to the consumers. During peak hours the demand for electricity or gas increases. This poses an extra burden on the utility providers to meet the increased demand. Sometimes resulting in building more power plants to serve the growing customer base.

Demand Response programs are used to tackle the demand and supply. This program provides the consumers time-based rates and financial incentives to reduce their consumption during the peak hours.

These type of programs are a valuable resource for power grid industry and can have a potential impact on the monetization of the grid plants.

Why should you take part?

  • Get financial incentive
  • Eliminate excessive use of electricity
  • Contribute to greener environment
  • Help electricity providers defer construction of new power plants, thus helping minimize your costs

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should be participating in Demand Response programs.

How can UtiliSave help?

UtiliSave helps you to take advantage and manage Demand Response programs – adding to your revenue while contributing to a greener environment – with no out of pocket cost to you. Our experts will develop a suitable plan that meets your operational requirement. Contact us know more.